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Timothy Hoff

Professor of Management, Healthcare Systems and Public Policy

College of Social Sciences and Humanities, D’Amore-McKim School of Business

Timothy Hoff, Ph.D. is a Professor of Management, Healthcare Systems, and Health Policy in the D’Amore-McKim School of Business and School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, Northeastern University, in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a Visiting Associate Fellow at the University of Oxford’s Green-Templeton College, and an Associate Scholar at the Said Business School, University of Oxford. Before going into academia, he worked in hospital administration and as a health care consultant. Dr. Hoff studies health workforce issues, health care innovation, health care quality, primary care transformation, and clinician behavior; and is an expert in the use of qualitative methods. Hoff has also published 4 books and over 70 refereed articles in leading journals in medicine, health services research, and management. He serves currently as Associate Editor for the top management journal Academy of Management Discoveries. Dr. Hoff conducts executive education and management consulting for organizations within the healthcare industry.

  • Myron D. Fottler Exceptional Service Award, 2022, Academy of Management, Health Care Management Division
  • Associate Editor, Academy of Management Discoveries
  • Associate Scholar, Said Business School, University of Oxford
  • Associate Visiting Fellow, Green-Templeton College, University of Oxford
  • Patrick and Helen Walsh Research Professorship, D’Amore-McKim School of Business
  • Ronald Copeland Best Paper Award, D’Amore-McKim School of Business

Full-length Books

  • Hoff, T. (2022) Searching for the Family Doctor: Primary Care on the Brink.  Johns Hopkins University Press.
  • Hoff, T. (2017).  Next in Line:  Lowered Care Expectations in the Age of Retail- and Value-Based Health. Oxford University Press.
  • Hoff, T. Sutcliffe, K., and G. Young. (2016). The Healthcare Professional Workforce:  Understanding Human Capital in a Changing Industry. Oxford University Press.
  • Hoff, T.  (2010). Practice Under Pressure:  Primary Care Physicians and Their Medicine in the 21st Century. Critical Issues in Health and Medicine Series. Rutgers University Press.

Refereed Journal Publications

  • Hoff, T. & Stephenson, A. (2022). Changes in Career Thinking and Work Intentions among Family Medicine Educators in Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine.
  • Mitra, M., Dopson, S., Hoff, T. (2022). Making Do By Getting Real:  Sustainable Career Crafting Among Young Physicians. Health Care Management Review.
  • Stephenson, A. L., Tietschert, M., Hoff, T., Singer, S., & D’Aunno, T. (2022). Theoretically speaking: A user’s guide to theory exposition in publishing health care management research. Journal of Health Administration Education.
  • Hoff, T., Lee, J. (2022) Physician Satisfaction with Telehealth: A Review and Agenda for Future Research. Quality Management in Health Care.
  • Hoff, T. (2021).  Covid-19 and The Study of Professionals and Professional Work.  Journal of Management Studies
  • Hoff, T., Lee, DR. (2021) Burnout and Physician Gender:  What Do We Know?  Medical Care.
  • Hoff, T., Lee, D.R. (2021).  The Gender Pay Gap in Medicine:  A Systematic Review.  Health Care Management Review.
  • Hoff, Timothy, Prout, Kathryn, Carabetta, Shannon. (2021). How Teams Impact Patient Satisfaction: A Review of the Empirical Literature, Health Care Management Review. 46(1): 75-85.
  • Hoff, T., Dopson, S., Mitra, M. (2020).  Living Up to the Expectations of Physicians-in-Training. BMJ Opinion, January 20.
  • Hoff T, Lee DR, Prout K. (2020). Organizational commitment among physicians: A systematic literature review. Health Services Management Research. October. doi:10.1177/0951484820952307
  • Hoff, T. (2020).  The Challenges for Primary Care Physicians of Viewing Patients as Consumers.  American Journal of Managed Care, 26(1): e1-e3.
  • Hoff, T., Prout, K. (2019).  Comparing Retail Clinics to Other Sites of Care on Cost, Quality, and Patient Satisfaction.  Medical Care, 57(9): 734-41.
  • Mitra, M., Hoff, T., Brankin, P., Dopson, S. (2019).  Making Sense of Effective Partnerships Among Senior Healthcare Leaders.  Health Care Management Review.  44(4):  318-31.
  • Hoff, T. (2019).  Activities and Sensemaking Associated with Frontline Role Expansion in Primary Care Settings.  Journal of Healthcare Management. 64(5):  315-29.
  • Hoff, T., Prout, K. (2019).  Physician Use of Health Care Teams in Primary Care:  A Qualitative Interview Study.  Quality Management in Health Care, 28(3): 121-29.
  • Hoff, T., Carabetta, S., Collinson, G.  (2019). Job Satisfaction, Burnout and Turnover Among Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants:  A Review of the Literature.  Medical Care Research and Review, 76(1): 3-31.
  • Hoff, T. and Depuccio, M. (2018).  Medical Home Implementation Gaps for Seniors:  Perceptions and Experiences of Primary Care Medical Practices.  Journal of Applied Gerontology, 37(7):  817-39. (Runner-up, 2016 Best Paper Award Health Care Management Division, Academy of Management)
  • Hoff, T.  (2017). Battle of the Bundle:  What I Learned from My Mother’s Partial Hip Replacement.  Health Affairs, 36(8): 1511-14.
  • Academy of Management
  • American College of Healthcare Executives
  • Academy Health

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