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A commitment to career-focused education and policy relevant research in service to the public good

At the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, we prepare leaders to address complex problems, serve communities, and build a just, sustainable, and resilient world

Our degree programs, research centers, and broad array of experiential learning opportunities enable our students to hone their skills and have positive impacts wherever their careers take them, from local town offices and nongovernmental organizations to national governments and international institutions.


Director Jennie Stephens on Energy Democracy

Jennie Stephens recently published her new piece, “Energy Democracy: Redistributing Power to the People Through Renewable Transformation”, which explores the transformative potential of moving away from fossil fuel reliance.

The Changing Nature of Physician Work: The “Amazoning” of Health Care and What it Means for Patient Care

Timothy Hoff, Professor of Management, Healthcare Systems, and Health Policy recently gave an invited talk in January in the United Kingdom at the Health Services Research Center, University of Manchester Business School entitled, “Just Amazon It: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Ongoing Disruption in U.S. Primary Care Delivery.” Attendees included University of Manchester faculty,…
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Guest Column: Lost in Negotiation

By August Granath | 12/16/18 By Friday, the last scheduled day of COP, most observers had gone home. Negotiators had spent the night in meeting rooms and delegation offices. In the corridors, people fretted about the outcome of this article and that paragraph and expressed concern about the self-interested positions of developed country parties. In…
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Getting to the “Why” with Tracy A. Corley, PhD

After nearly two decades working as an entrepreneur, business leader, and policy thought leader, Tracy A. Corley began her PhD in Law and Public Policy at Northeastern University. Since her graduation in Fall 2018, Tracy has been applying a broad range of research skills in her new position at MassINC as Transit Oriented Development Fellow….
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Surviving Merger Mania

Medical Economics cites Professor of Public Policy Timothy Hoff in its new piece examining the rapid consolidation taking place throughout the healthcare industry: a trend with profound implications for the availability and affordability of medical care.

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Jennie C. Stephens

Director and Professor, School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs

"From our innovative master’s programs, to our unique PhD program, to our multiple undergraduate offerings, SPPUA continues to expand its reach."

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Monique Gibbs

Master of Public Administration, Graduate Certificate in Urban Studies

“The ‘Contemporary Community Development’ class really opened my eyes to the interconnected network of housing, education, economic development and the different actors involved in shaping the health and well-being of a community.”

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Antonio Vázquez Brust

Master of Science in Urban Informatics

“I view research projects as an integral part of my education. I learn way faster when I’m immersed in a project with tangible consequences.”

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Lauren Costello

Master of Science in Urban and Regional Policy

“The MS in Urban and Regional Policy program offered much of what I was looking for: experiential learning opportunities, applied research, and an incredibly engaged faculty.”

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