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Family and friends remember victims of Winthrop shooting

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WBUR, June 2021

Family members and friends are mourning the two longtime public servants who were killed by a gunman in Winthrop on Saturday. Police say Nathan Allen, 28, of Winthrop, rammed a building in a stolen truck, then fatally shot David Green, a retired state police trooper, and Ramona Cooper, an Air Force veteran, before police killed him.

Green, 58, who grew up in Winthrop, spent 36 years in law enforcement. “My brother had a unique ability — I think it was unique — he was able to talk to people,” said Green’s brother, Ray Green. Ray says David never married. David took care of their older parents before they died and was known in the community as someone who was always willing to help a friend or neighbor, whether it was with a flat tire or taking a sick dog to the vet. “That’s the type of person he was, all the time, all throughout his life,” Ray Green said. But on Saturday, David Green became a victim of a ruthless crime in an alley near Shirley Street in Winthrop.

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