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Abstract: How can gender-based violence (GBV) be prevented? Can increased quantity and quality of police presence help curb GBV? What works in improving victim’s engagement with police services? This project aims to answer these questions through a novel policing program in Hyderabad, India. The Safety, Health and Environment (SHE Teams) Program is a hotspots street police patrolling intervention aimed at addressing and deterring GBV. The researchers and Hyderabad City Police have jointly developed a research program that will evaluate the effect of this program. We aim to test the role of increased police presence through patrolling and policing visibility (i.e. uniformed vs. undercover officers). Our research will address fundamental questions in the economics of crime and gender.rnrnu003cstrongu003eLocation:u003c/strongu003e Hyderabad, Indiarnrnu003cstrongu003ePolicy Partner: u003c/strongu003eHyderabad City Policernrnu003cstrongu003eResearchers Involved:u003c/strongu003e Sofia Amaral, Girija Borker, Nathan Fiala, Anjani Kumar, and Maria Micaela Sviatschi, Nishith Prakashrnrnu003cstrongu003ePartners and Donors:u003c/strongu003e World Bank, JPAL CVI, IFMR, Princeton University, ifo Institute, and Hyderabad City Police

u003cstrongu003eAbstract: u003c/strongu003eHow to prevent gender-based violence (GBV) and address institutional service-delivery related to GBV is not well understood. Our project aims to study one potential solution to address GBV in India – the role of policing quality. Our goal is to showcase the effect of a novel policing program in the Indian state of Bihar where the government led a training program for police officers on legal information, soft and technical skills regarding the handling of GBV crimes. The policy is innovative and the first micro-level program of its kind in the state. It reflects the urgent need to improve policing for GBV through improved service-delivery to victims and by raising awareness and sensitivity about these forms of crime.rnrnu003cstrongu003eLocation:u003c/strongu003e Bihar, Indiarnrnu003cstrongu003ePolicy Partner:u003c/strongu003e International Growth Center, C3, Princeton University, IFMR, ifo Institute, and Bihar Policernrnu003cstrongu003eResearchers Involved: u003c/strongu003eSofia Amaral, Girija Borker, and Maria Micaela Sviatschi, Nishith Prakash

u003cstrongu003eAbstract: u003c/strongu003ernrnu003cstrongu003eLocation:u003c/strongu003e Madhya Pradesh, Indiarnrnu003cstrongu003ePolicy Partner:u003c/strongu003e Madhya Pradesh Policernrnu003cstrongu003eResearchers Involved: u003c/strongu003eSofia Amaral, Kimberly Chaney, Victoria Endl-Geyer, and Abhilasha Sahay, Nishith Prakash

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