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Thank you for your applications. The deadline for submission (2024-25) has passed.

The Humanities Center invites applications on the theme of “Erasure.” for the 2024-2025 Humanities Center Fellowship.

We are living at a moment of erasure and the threat of erasure. Examples include book censorship; revisionist histories and denialism; “alternative” truths; refusal to acknowledge impending crises such as climate change; undermining of democratic and academic institutions; limitations on freedom of expression; dismantling of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives; and obliterative forms of violence directed against people, populations, communities, and cultures. Erasure can invite forms of recovery and redress such as corrective histories; commemoration; archival research; art restoration; palimpsestic writing; and restorative justice. Digital humanities and AI join these traditional disciplinary approaches in providing opportunities for redress. Applicants should feel free to interpret the theme of erasure broadly. 

Application Requirements

The Humanities Center Fellowship program brings together scholars from varied disciplines to work on individual projects around a common theme. The program provides a focused period of time for fellows to pursue research, to collaborate with one another, and to share their work with the Northeastern community.

Fellowship support includes:

  • One course release to enable research and participation (funded by the applicant’s home College);
  • Release from most departmental service for pre-tenure faculty during the fellowship period;
  • Access to Humanities Center resources, including staff support.

Fellowship activities include:

  • Twice a month meetings for Fellows to workshop pre-circulated papers;
  • Research presentations to the Northeastern community in the Faculty Works-in-Progress Series;
  • End-of-year summit.

Applications must include:

  • Abstract of project (approximately 100 words);
  • Narrative (two pages) that addresses the way in which the project connects with the Humanities Center’s mission and the Fellowship’s annual theme;
  • Short CV (two pages);
  • A sentence approving course release from unit head should application be successful;
  • Letter acknowledging support for a course buyout from the Dean of the College, if the faculty member’s home College is not the College of Social Sciences and Humanities.

We welcome applications from tenured, tenure-track, research, and clinical faculty from all Northeastern colleges.  Please note that non-CSSH faculty must have approval from the faculty member’s Dean and Unit Head(s) acknowledging that the College of your tenure home will support a course buy-out.  Previous Resident Fellows may reapply after six years.

Please note that fellows meet on Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. and must arrange their teaching schedules to accommodate these meetings.

The Humanities Center Board expects to provide notification of awards by March.