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Brian Ball

Head of Philosophy Faculty, NCH – Northeastern


Yakov Bart

Associate Professor of Marketing and Director, DATA Initiative

y.bart@northeastern.edu / ext: 857.327.7373

John Basl

Associate Professor of Philosophy

j.basl@northeastern.edu / ext: 617.373.3636

Candice Delmas

Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Political Science


Bethany Edmunds

Associate Dean and Vancouver Lead Computer Science Faculty


Tina Eliassi-Rad

Associate Professor of Computer Science and Network Science Institute

eliassi@ccs.neu.edu / ext: 617.373.6475

Don Fallis

Professor of Philosophy

d.fallis@northeastern.edu / ext: 617.373.4168

Denise Garcia

Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs

d.garcia@northeastern.edu / ext: 617.373.2879

Woodrow Hartzog

Professor of Law and Computer Science, School of Law and Khoury College

w.hartzog@northeastern.edu / ext: 617.373.5550

Claudia E. Haupt

Associate Professor of Law and Political Science

c.haupt@northeastern.edu / ext: 617.373.3923

David Lazer

Professor of Political Science and Computer Science and Co-Director, NULab

d.lazer@northeastern.edu / ext: 617.373.1010

Kay Mathiesen

Associate Professor of Philosophy

k.mathiesen@northeastern.edu / ext: 617.373.4163

Alan Mislove

Associate Professor of Computer Science

amislove@ccs.neu.edu / ext: 617.373.7069

Hilary Robinson

Associate Professor of Law and Sociology

hi.robinson@northeastern.edu / ext: 617.373.8165

Ronald Sandler

Professor of Philosophy, Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religion, and Director of the Ethics Institute at Northeastern University

r.sandler@northeastern.edu / ext: 617.373.3619

Jessica Silbey

Professor of Law and Director, CLIC

j.silbey@northeastern.edu / ext: 617.373.6246

John P. Wihbey

Assistant Professor of Journalism and Media Innovation

j.wihbey@northeastern.edu / ext: 617.373.2659

Christo Wilson

Associate Professor and Director, Cybersecurity Program, Khoury College

cbw@ccs.neu.edu / ext: 617.373.8820