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After the War: A Collaborative Public Digital History Project

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Partially supported by a NULab Community Collaboration Grant.

“After the War: Oral Histories, Veterans Narratives, and Community Collaboration in Public Humanities” is a public digital humanities project piloted by Cassie Tanks, a librarian-archivist and World History PhD Student at Northeastern University. But it is the collaborators and partners that give this project meaning and substance. This project aims to create space for veterans who served the U.S. military to share their experiences, or the experiences of family, loved ones, and previously forgotten veterans, for the wider public. Through the combined effort of community historians and archivists, undergraduate students, faculty, and key organizational partners, we are working together to uplift the stories of veterans through primary source documents and research. These stories will be made available on this site,, and associated Omeka S exhibits created and managed by key community partners.

Principal Investigator

Cassie Tanks, Graduate Student, World History

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