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NULab Faculty Dan Cohen Recognized for Snell Library’s New Solar Power System

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Dan Cohen, NULab faculty member and Dean of the Library, is being recognized for Snell’s move towards sustainability with the recent activation of a solar power system. During a ceremony attended by campus stakeholders, Cohen said, “Libraries have long been associated with light, as places that light up our world. Today, the Northeastern University Library continues this tradition by holding resources and expert staff members that shine light on learning and research.” Cohen continued, “So it’s nice that today we are able to make this association between the library and light literal in addition to metaphorical. We’re thrilled that Snell Library can capture and distribute light in a different way, and that this light will help our campus and our environment.”

The solar panels are the result of a collaborate effort between Northeastern’s Planning, Real Estate, and Facilities (PREF) Division in partnership with Ameresco, the Climate Justice and Sustainability Hub, NU Trades, and others. The project required detailed planning and attention to overcome logistical challenges, such as limited roof space, and to ensure successful integration with the campus’s electrical grid.

The panels are expected to significantly reduce Snell Library’s reliance on conventional energy sources, contributing to cost efficiency and environmental impact, and marking a significant accomplishment within the broader scope of Northeastern’s sustainability goals.

You can read the full story, “Northeastern University’s Snell Library Embraces Solar Power for Sustainability,” on Energy + Environment Leader.

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