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NULab Core Faculty Cassie McMillan Wins 2022 Roger V. Gould Prize

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The American Journal of Sociology has awarded Cassie McMillan the 2022 Roger V. Gould Prize with her co-authors Diane Felmlee and Robert Faris. McMillan is an assistant professor of sociology, criminology, and criminal justice at Northeastern.

The winning article is entitled “With Friends Like These: Aggression from Amity and Equivalence.” To win the prestigious Gould Prize, an article must “best exemplify the qualities that made Roger Gould’s own work so remarkable.” Selected from all papers accepted for publication in the journal over a two-year period, the editorial board chose McMillan’s article, which examines adolescent bullying to argue bullying is used by teens to achieve specific social status goals. In an article interviewing Felmlee, the distinguished professor of sociology and demography at Penn State University expressed excitement for McMillan upon winning this prestigious award.

For more coverage of McMillan’s article, read the News@Northeastern article written shortly after its publication. Or, read the full academic article published by University of Chicago Press in November 2020.

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