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Jarvis received his PhD in Political Science at Northeastern University in 2016. In addition to his work as a teacher, he is a Vermonter and a photographer. The son of proud immigrant parents, he is one of the first in his family to go to college and will be the first to earn a PhD. His research interests include American Government, Education Policy, and Accountability.

Jarvis’s dissertation examines the accountability systems of charter school authorizers in the United States.

Jarvis taught Quantitative Techniques and American Government at Northeastern. He has co-taught courses on American government, comparative politics, International Relations, and Quantitative Techniques and was also a blackboard facilitator and teaching assistant for the Department of Culture at Northeastern.

Teaching is Jarvis’s greatest passion and he is known for his clarity and fluidity of instruction. He takes great pride in structuring his lectures around strong discussions, innovative use of technology and media, and learning from multiple viewpoints. He engages students with a refreshing blend of humor, modesty, and a considerate attitude and challenges them to think unconventionally, seek out their own opinions, be honest, and present their ideas with flaire.

Jarvis served as President of Northeastern’s Graduate Student Government in 2011 and Vice President of Programs and Administration in 2010. As President, his goals focused around administrative clarity, faculty mentoring, increasing research and conference funding for Northeastern graduate students, the incorporation of Northeastern’s Law School into student government, and better dining options. As Vice President, he focused on music events and free hugs day.

Jarvis is proud to have worked as a research assistant for the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University, a news broadcaster for WRBB Back Bay Radio, and Teaching Assistant for the Political Science Department. An avid lover of the arts and Vermont, Jarvis has also worked as a volunteer coordinator for the celebration of Lake Champlain’s quadricentennial and as a marketing assistant for the nonprofit charity, Good News Garage. Among his highlights during his time at Good News Garage was the opportunity to sell a black, windowless van once owned by Ben Cohen of the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Company.

Jarvis holds his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Vermont, where he was a double major in English and Political Science and learned to mix compassion with passion in the classroom and in life.

Although academia and policy are infinitely rewarding, Jarvis also enjoys a life outside of the PhD offices–known admirably as “Grade Grubber’s Alley”–and spends his free time behind the lens of a camera and jogging. He is an energetic lecturer, loyal son, and a fierce friend.

Jarvis’s favorite quote is “Whoever is happy will make others happy, too” as written by Mark Twain and Anne Frank.

Fields of Study

Public Policy / American Politics

Degrees Earned and Institutions

BA, University of Vermont

MA, Northeastern University

PhD, Northeastern University

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