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The Department of Political Science at Northeastern University is one of the leading political science departments in the country defining the experiential liberal arts. Our educational model and organizational philosophy in the experiential liberal arts frames and integrates our research, education, and outreach mission. Political Science at Northeastern incorporates our signature focus on experiential learning with the rigorous study of society, culture, politics, and ethics. As a community of scholars, our department is committed to understanding the domestic and international political landscapes in the discipline’s subfields of American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Public Policy.

Through our undergraduate and graduate programs, we prepare students for a future as leaders in the public, non-profit, and private sectors. A Northeastern education combines classroom and experiential learning by encouraging the application and transformation of knowledge and skills across a range of contexts from government agencies to nonprofit organizations to a wide range of industries. We equip our students with new capacities for the 21st century including new proficiencies such as text mining, data visualization, and network analysis. We encourage students to be global citizens by engaging in local communities. Our department is a national leader in the development of faculty-led, short-term study abroad programs known as Dialogues of Civilization, in which our faculty offer academic programs in Brazil, Israel, Germany, Japan, Jordan, Switzerland, among other countries.

We offer students a flexible and customizable educational experience through interdisciplinary undergraduate degree programs in Political Science and many combined majors. At the graduate level, we offer PhD and MA degrees in Political Science as well as the MS degree in Resilience Studies. These programs are delivered by twenty-five faculty members with expertise in the major fields of Political Science as well as our research foci in resilience studies, network science and big data, international affairs, and public policy. Our faculty are leading scholars in their fields and share a commitment to excellent teaching and a passion for the public good. Please explore our faculty and connect with them through this website.

We welcome you to visit the main office of the Department of Political Science on the ninth floor of Renaissance Park. Our faculty are located on the second, third, and ninth floors of Renaissance Park. You may contact me at with any questions.

Costas Panagopoulos, PhD
Department Chair