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The following are Undergraduate Peer Mentors for the Fall 2023 semester. More information on the peer mentoring program, as well as how to apply can be found here:

First NameLast NameMajor
JuliaBeckPolitical Science
HaydenLibershalPolitical Science
KennedyLittlePolitical Science
ArletteLomeli-AzoubelPolitical Science
ArchitMehrotraPolitical Science/Economics
MalloryMittonPolitical Science
EmmaMorganSociology/Political Science
MiaNetlandCriminal Justice/Political Science
VasiliaSamesPolitical Science/Business Administration
ChloeSteelePolitical Science/International Affairs
BellaTestaPolitical Science/International Affairs
AlexisWeldnerPolitical Science/Business Administration

Located within academic units, CSSH Peer Mentors are upperclass students who work with incoming students within their majors. Each program/department’s peer mentoring program looks a bit different, but the goals for each of them are the same:

  1. Helping first-year students and transfer students feel connected to their programs/departments
  2. Providing peer support during a student’s first and second semester on campus
  3. Easing new students’ transition to college/Northeastern life through peer guidance
  4. Introducing and helping new students navigate opportunities on campus and in Boston
  5. Building a CSSH community that spans across class levels (from first years to seniors)
  6. Providing examples of curricular, extracurricular, and experiential learning pathways by sharing stories of lived experiences

For more information on the peer mentor program and on how to become a peer mentor click here.