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Veronica received her PhD in Political Science at Northeastern University in 2015. She began her studies in 2009, and is writing under the guidance of Professors Rochefort and Portz, and Governor Dukakis. Her dissertation focuses on education policymaking and political language. Her case studies include New York State’s adoption and expansion of the charter school program.

Research Interests

In addition to education policymaking and political language, Veronica’s research interests include the broad umbrella of problem definition within public policy. She has also examined American Exceptionalism. Finally, Veronica has interest in transatlantic relations and memory studies, including analysis of how countries remember traumatic events in their respective national narratives.

Work Experience

Veronica has worked at all levels of government. In local policy, she’s completed work with the Jefferson County Workforce Center conducting workforce development research, as well as with the Jefferson Economic Council, studying local economic and zoning policy. Both organizations are located in Jefferson County, Colorado. At the state level, Veronica has experience working with the late Ken Gordon, Colorado State Senate President, on state voting laws and ordinances. Nationally, her work with Economic Opportunity Studies has allowed her to see and analyze the American Recover and Reinvestment Act via home weatherization services. Finally, Veronica’s work with the American Embassy in Warsaw, Poland has given her foreign policy experience and expertise. Throughout her work, Veronica has maintained a focus on problem definition and political language.

Veronica has also independently taught Research Methods, American Government, Comparative Politics at Northeastern. She has been a visiting instructor at Cornell College in the fields of Public Policy and International Politics.


Veronica was born in Detroit, Michigan and spent much of her childhood in Denver, Colorado. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Politics and International Relations at Cornell College in Mt.Vernon, IA, and received her Master of Arts in Political Science from Northeastern. She has maintained extensive ties with her parents’ homeland of Poland, where she has both studied and worked.


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Research Interests

Political Rhetoric, Education Policy, and American Exceptionalism

Degrees Earned and Institutions

BA, Cornell College

MA, Northeastern University

PhD, Northeastern University