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CSSH Research: Innovative, Interdisciplinary, Inspired

CSSH is a hub for innovative research in the humanities and social sciences. The research in CSSH seeks solutions to global, socioeconomic, environmental, and other issues facing the contemporary world, emphasizing the connection between history and culture to today’s real-world problems. This research is shaping the world in which we live and changing the way we think about it.

CSSH is the liberal arts core of a university that is internationally renowned for its excellence in fundamental, interdisciplinary, and use-inspired research. The work of CSSH faculty members – which include projects funded by federal agencies such as the NSF, NEH, and NEA – frequently crosses department, school, and college boundaries.

Research at CSSH is not limited to faculty members. Graduate and undergraduate students engage in rigorous research inquiries into such fields as public policy, literature, digital tools, and sustainability, just to name a few. Some students complete research side-by-side with a faculty mentor, some present at the annual Research, Innovation and Scholarship Expo, and still others explore their research interests abroad on an international co-op or research assistantship.

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