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Emelyn Miller

B.S. in Health Science

Emelyn Miller is an undergraduate student pursuing a B.S. in Health Science. Emelyn joined the Violence and Justice Research Laboratory in March 2020. She has been working on the Latino Bias Victimization grant, assisting with the development of a research paper examining avoidance and risk of victimization and another analyzing relationships between Latino identity and victimization. As a Research Assistant under Dr. Farrell, Dr. Cuevas, and Sarah Lockwood, she has helped with transcript editing in Spanish, analyses of the coded data, and the literature review. Her research interests include public health, victimization, human trafficking, and other research fields that promote the empowerment of marginalized populations. She plans to complete a global clinical co-op and aims to attend medical school to pursue a career in family medicine. Emelyn hopes to work abroad in a medically underserved area merging her love of foreign language and culture and her passions for poverty alleviation and ending human trafficking.

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