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Sunita Pfitzner

Major: International Affairs and Environmental Studies
Minor: International Security Studies


Sunita chose Northeastern because it was one of the only universities that allowed her to combine her interests in her degree: International Affairs and Environmental Studies. She added a minor in International Security Studies as she refined her career interests after studying abroad and taking classes with stimulating professors. Northeastern has provided Sunita with interdisciplinary opportunities to utilize her education in the Greater Boston community, on co-op, and abroad.  

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Sunita’s Path

“My time abroad allowed me to learn from unique cultures and meet new people who view the world in completely different ways than I do, and it has impacted me profoundly. I feel incredibly lucky that Northeastern offers us these opportunities to push ourselves out of the norm and engage with the global community while we are abroad. As I look towards graduation, I’m excited to see where the future will take me, but also excited to follow the paths of the extraordinary people I have met along the way.”

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