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Emily Sullivan

English PhD Student

Emily Sullivan (she/her) is a PhD student of literature in the English Department at Northeastern University. Emily’s research focuses on feminism, trauma, and graphic narratives, specifically investigating the intersection of testimony and visual culture. Her master’s thesis, “Testimonial Comics and the Ethics of Representation,” explored representations of trauma in two graphic memoirs, citing embodiment, imagination, and the unique visual-verbal affordances of the comics form as key to crafting a narrative ethics for approaching subjects of trauma, especially in life narratives. Emily also invites creativity into her literary analysis and scholarly work, as in her thesis, where she embedded her own original comics within the analytic prose to engage drawing as a way of thinking. Emily’s work always seeks to be interdisciplinary, as she draws on a diverse educational and professional background that includes teaching middle and high schoolers, tutoring college students, working in digital humanities, and doing research in social work.

Picture of English student Emily Sullivan


Previous Institutions: Northeastern University (MA); Providence College (BA)

Program and Fields: Comics & visual studies, feminist studies, trauma studies, life-writing

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