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Iona Ribaudo

Master of Public Administration

Graduated in 2015

Since graduating with my MPA, I have worked as a communications professional in the public and non-profit sectors. At a local federal transportation agency, I managed budgets and projects with multidisciplinary teams of engineers, policy and data analysts, and urban planners to advance agency goals. I planned and executed communications campaigns, managed the creative content for various federal websites and social media accounts, and drafted transportation policies through the creation of focus groups and data analysis.

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Most recently, I worked as a manager in training and communications for a major hospital where I continued to develop and implement communications strategies, but primarily focused on organizational change and process improvement, aiming to increase employee and patient satisfaction while also increasing productivity.

I now focus on communications freelancing as my husband and I just had our first child, but I continue to be active in local political committees and volunteering, and I look forward to being a resource for the SPPUA community.

Areas of Expertise: Communications, transportation, federal government

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