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Kenneth Oravetz

English PhD Candidate

Kenneth’s research focuses on contemporary image-text form, format, and aesthetics. In particular, his work focuses on how emerging underground art comics movements help elucidate new approaches to theorizing media formats in the digital era. His research interests also include applying comics studies theory to interdisciplinary contexts, images and materiality, extra-semantic reading experience, academic and artistic communities, and the digital humanities. He is the chair and founder of the Northeastern Comics Studies Group, the Assistant Director of the Letterpress Goes 3D digital modeling project and the Huskiana Letterpress Studio, and a former researcher for the WWP Intertextual Networks Project. His article, “The Comics Shift: Material Rhetorics of Bookstores and Collaborative Spatial Genre Change” in ImageText, is forthcoming.

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kenny standing in front of a lighthouse


Previous Institutions: University of California Santa Barbara (BA)

Program and Fields: PhD; Graphic novel, aesthetic theory, comic studies

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