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Where could Lindsay Clancy’s case go from here? Here’s what legal experts say

People in this story, February 2023

Days after Lindsay Clancy’s journey through the courts formally began, experts say the cases for and against the Duxbury mother accused of killing her children are already taking shape, paving the way for a complex legal battle ahead.

During an arraignment in Plymouth District Court Tuesday, Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Sprague meticulously ran through a timeline of events leading up to the evening of Jan. 24, when Clancy allegedly strangled her three young children before severely injuring herself in a suicide attempt.

Challenging defense attorney Kevin J. Reddington’s description of a woman in the throes of postpartum mental illness and overmedication, Sprague alleged that Clancy planned the attack, deliberately sending her husband out to run an errand and pick up dinner in order to buy herself time.

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