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Will Russia be removed from the UN Security Council?

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NECN, April 2022

Ukraine’s president has accused the U.N.’s most powerful body of not carrying out its mission of peace and security due to Russia’s veto power on the Security Council. But will it lead to any significant change? President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on the Security Council Tuesday to remove Russia “so it can not block decisions about its own aggression,” or “dissolve” themselves altogether if they are unable to hold Moscow accountable for war crimes.

On Thursday, the United Nations suspended Russia from its seat on the Human Rights Council, whose members are expected which are expected to uphold high human rights standards. The country still holds its Security Council seat. Harvard scholar Oleh Kotsyuba and Northeastern University professors Mai’a Cross and Pablo Calderon explained Wednesday whether Russia will be removed on NBC10 Boston’s weekly series, “Russia-Ukraine Q&A.”

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