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AWD Director’s Welcome

Advanced Writing in the Disciplines (AWD) is a graduation requirement for all Northeastern undergraduates. We’re committed to the same goals and policies as the Writing Program, though what makes AWD unique is its focus on advanced, discipline-centered writing.

Indeed, you’ll notice that many of our classes are discipline-specific, though we also offer an interdisciplinary AWD course (ENGW 3315) for students who are interested in collaborative work across multiple disciplines.

On these pages, you will find information about

I hope you enjoy learning more about our courses; I welcome your questions and thoughts at


Laurie Nardone
Director, Advanced Writing in the Disciplines


If, after consulting our website, you have questions about course suitability please reach out to me, Laurie Nardone (

Registration-specific inquiries can be sent to the English Department (

Frequently Asked Questions about Advanced Writing


You may take AWD any time after earning 64 credits. Ideally, you have completed at least one co-op. We do not recommend taking AWD in your final semester at NU.

Only you know the demands of your co-op job, but there are no restrictions to prevent you from taking AWD while working.

Yes. Learn more about our Multilingual AWD courses here. Currently, over the course of the year, we typically offer multilingual sections in the Technical Professions (3302), the Business Professions (3304), the Sciences (3307) and Interdisciplinary sections (3315). To sign up for one of these classes, you can request permission by filling out this survey.

In certain circumstances, students will be given permission to take a class in a discipline other than in their major. To receive an override to do so, please email me and explain why this override is necessary. For instance, sometimes a chemical engineer, who would normally take 3302 (Tech Professions), has done a co-op at a hospital lab and is planning to go to Medical School and enter a Health Profession. That student, after a discussion with their advisor and the AWD Director, may receive an override for AWD 3306 (Health Professions). Please note that we do not grant overrides just because a class better fits into your schedule.

Online classes are great for the right kind of learner, and while schedule may be driving your decision, we caution you to assess your own learning. The most important qualities for an online learner are organization, time management, and constant access to high speed internet. Most online classes are text-based, rather than lecture/discussion-based, so a successful online student should be comfortable reading and annotating lots of text. Like on campus classes, many online classes also require a fair amount of group work, so you should feel comfortable collaborating electronically with others who may be in different time zones. Check out our online self-assessment.