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Experiential learning integrates the classroom and the real world. Our programs engage students with the world through professional work, research, and service on seven continents.  

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    Service learning (S-L). Service-learning courses are a form of experiential learning at Northeastern that integrate community service and social engagement into course content. Service-learning courses are regularly offered for ENGW 1111, ENGW 1102, and ENGW 3315. Although the emphasis of each S-L course will vary depending on your writing instructor, these courses as a whole: Offer opportunities to explore and engage with the local community Provide hands-on experience to complement and motivate your practice of writing Place you in a class with other students who are interested in volunteering, activism, and/or community engagement

    Service Learning
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    Dialogue of Civilizations. Faculty-led summer programs that often pair travel with deeper explorations of key questions. Writing Program faculty regularly offer summer Dialogues that allow you to fulfill your Advanced Writing requirement while exploring new places and engaging in critical local and global questions. Contact the Global Experience Office for up-to-date information about upcoming Dialogues.

    Dialogue of Civilizations