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We asked Northeastern undergraduates about their thoughts on First-Year Writing

What were your takeaways? What surprised you? What advice do you have for another student?

Erykah Kangbeya on ENGW 1111

B.A. 2020, Sociology & Political Science (English minor)

“After taking this course, I was able to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses in my writing and that acquired self-awareness has tremendously improved my writing. I am now also able to understand the power a writer has in influencing different audiences!”

  • Michael Ambrozia (B.Sc., 2021; BBA, 2022 International Business Concentrations, Accounting and Marketing, Spanish Minor):

    “My experiences with this course was extremely positive. We got to read many different works (nonfiction and fiction) and discuss them in a group setting with varying viewpoints. In addition, I was able to volunteer with the service-learning program and gain an amazing 4 month experience volunteering in the community.”

  • Isabella Peña Cespedes (B.Sc. 2023, Administration Marketing and Design):

    “Aside from improving my writing, I got the chance to learn the importance of linguistics and the impact it has on how multilingual writers express their ideas when writing […] I advise students to view writing as a tool of expression and as a way to more effectively communicate your thoughts, instead of thinking of it as a tedious task.”

  • Taleen Barghouti (B.Sc. 2022, Industrial Engineering):

    “This class was great. I learned so much, and it helped me with my courses in the following semesters.”