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About Multilingual Sections

Several sections of Advanced Writing in the Disciplines are designated for students whose first or strongest language is not English.

Typically, these sections:

  • offer more one-to-one attention because of smaller class size (15 students vs. 19 students in a regular AWD section);
  • offer a community in which multilingual students often feel more comfortable participating in class;
  • offer pacing designed to meet the needs of multilingual writers;
  • often include cultural introductions to pop-culture, humor, and contemporary events;
  • often provide closer attention to specific language use and vocabulary.


Students who wish to register will need to fill out the Multilingual AWD Course Survey.

Multilingual section availability changes each semester. Typically, the following courses are offered within an academic year: ENGW 3302 (Technical Professions); ENGW 3304 (Business Administration Professions); ENGW 3315 (Interdisciplinary Writing).