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NU English at 2019 CCCC

Northeastern University will be well-represented at the upcoming 2019 CCCC Annual Convention in Pittsburgh, PA. For the full CCCC schedule, click here.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

W.07 Co-Exploring International Writing Research and Rehearsing Scholarly Performances 
Sponsored by the International Researchers Consortium
Christine K. Donahue (MA ’90), Chair

Writing Pedagogies and Processes
AW.12 Teach It Like We Mean It: Helping Students Perform Their Power in Peer Review

Aaron Block, workshop facilitator
Kat Gonso, workshop facilitator

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Opening General Session – Presentation of the Exemplar Award
Ellen Cushman, Exemplar Award Committee member

Writing Pedagogies and Processes
B.27 Performing the Possible: Embodied Presences /Embodied Knowledge in the Online Writing Class

Kelly Garneau, speaker
Bret Keeling, speaker
Laurie Nardone, speaker

Writing Pedagogies and Processes
B.46 What Really Changes in Undergraduate Student Writing
Across the Curriculum 

Christine K. Donahue (MA ’90), speaker

Community, Civic & Public
B.31 Activism, Outreach, and Performances of Democratic Dissent)

Sarah Finn, speaker

First-Year and Advanced Composition
C.34 “Who You Wit?”: Negotiating Identity Representation in FYC

Rachel Molko, speaker

Writing Pedagogies and Processes
D.25 Performative STEM: Disrupting Student Expectations about Disciplinary Writing

Amy Carleton (PhD ’11), Chair
Cecelia A. Musselman, speaker
Rebecca Thorndike-Breeze (PhD ’11), speaker

Writing Pedagogies and Processes
D.42 Genre: Convention, Performance, Inspiration

Kevin G. Smith (PhD ’18), speaker

Community, Civic & Public
E.08 Writing for Freedom: Performing Suitability in Parole Board Hearings

Emily Artiano (PhD ’15), speaker

First-Year and Advanced Composition
E.10 Intersectionality, Identity, and Instruction: Problems and Perspectives from inside and beyond the Classroom 
Sponsored by the Intersectionality in FYC SIG
Heather Falconer (PhD ’18), speaker

Friday, March 15, 2019

Institutional and Professional
F.12 After the Multimodal Turn

Pegeen Reichert Powell (MA ’95), speaker

Information Technologies
F.34 Performance-Rhetoric in Digital Contexts

Stuart Selber (MTPW ’90), speaker

Community, Civic & Public
F.30    Speaking Out, Hearing Out

Rachel Lewis, speaker

First-Year and Advanced Composition
G.10 The Ethics of Assessment: Practitioner Research and Evidence-Based Pedagogy

Jennifer (Sopchockchai) Bankard (PhD ’13), speaker

G.16 Spotlight Session: Methods for Emerging Researchers in
Rhetoric and Composition

Heather Falconer (PhD ’18), respondent

G.45 A Dialogue on Mentorship and Methodology
Charles Lesh (PhD ’16), speaker
Jessica Pauszek (MA ’12), speaker
Chris Gallagher, respondent

Community, Civic & Public
H.04 Performativity across Contexts and Communities: Setting the Stage for Knowing, Doing, and Learning

Ellen Cushman, Chair and speaker
Jonathan Osborne, speaker
Laura Proszak, speaker
Eric Sepenoski, speaker

Community, Civic & Public
J.28 From Cosplay to Slam Poetry, the Show Must Go On
Kristi Girdharry (PhD ’16), speaker

Professional and Technical Writing
FSIG.09 Writing and STEM Business Meeting Sponsored by the Writing and STEM Standing Group
Mya Poe, Standing Group Chair

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Teacher 2 Teacher 
Amy Carleton (PhD ’11), participant

Institutional and Professional
K.05 Performing Professionalism in a Faux-Populist Moment 

Chris Gallagher, speaker

Writing Programs
M.37 Writing Centers amidst the Storm

Michael Turner, speaker

N.15 Writing Analytics and the Writing Performance of Diverse Students: Is Opportunity Possible?

Mya Poe, speaker

SW.01 Community Writing Mentoring Workshop
Ellen Cushman, workshop facilitator

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