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You are invited to join the Northeastern University Asian Studies Program for the university-wide speaker series, After Area Studies Lecture Series.

Speaker Series Poster

Our inaugural series last year, Asia America and the World, located “Asia” as prism and framework to think about empire, race, diaspora, and contemporary politics of violence. This year’s series After Area Studies continues the important work established last year, bringing a new format of “conversations” into the fold. Distinguished scholars of transpacific history, media, race, critical refugee studies and visual culture will present their work and share their perspectives on how to study the contemporary global moment beyond the disciplinary confines of traditional area studies. This series explores the work of centering Asia, its peoples, its diasporas, and its historical legacies and ongoing contributions. We invite our speakers to situate their work in relation to key debates and explorations between Asian Studies, Asian American studies and emerging fields; to consider how scholarship intersects with activism and social justice work; and to think about the political, intellectual, and ethical needs of scholarship now and in the future.

These conversations will be initiated by Acting Director Doreen Lee and Associate Director Denise Khor. The series is hosted by the Asian Studies Program at Northeastern University, and supported by the Dean’s Office at CSSH. We thank our generous cosponsors from the departments of History, Sociology and Anthropology, Culture, Society, and Global Studies (CSGS), Philosophy and Religion, the Humanities Center, and the Africana Studies Program.

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