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Greece, Serbia, Bosnia: From Balkan Wars to Economic & Security Promises of European Union


Athens, Greece Belgrade, Serbia Sarajevo, Bosnia Summer II, 2024

The 2024 Balkans Dialogue investigates conflict and post-conflict reconstruction in the former Yugoslavia (“FY”) plus the interconnectedness of FY states (notably Serbia, Kosovo, and Bosnia-Herzegovina) and Greece. This interconnectedness is especially apparent as FY states seek to join the EU and as Balkan states continue to manage refugee and migrant “flows” throughout the “Balkan Route” – starting in Greece (an EU country) and continuing through North Macedonia and Serbia (two non-EU states) and back again into the EU.

The Dialogue begins in Greece, focusing on the refugee issues (Syrian, Afghan, Iraqi and others); it continues to Serbia and finishes in Bosnia.  Beyond refugees and the politics of EU accession, the Dialogue also studies (a) the reemergence of authoritarian movements and leaders in the region; and (b) increasing external involvement in Balkan affairs by Turkey, the EU, the US, NATO, Russia, Arab States, China and Iran.  This external intervention includes economic investments and aid as well as political meddling.

July 2024 marks the 29th Anniversary of the end of the Bosnian War (1992-95), which included ethnic cleansing, genocide (which many parties dispute), and other war crimes. In this Dialogue, we look at American and NATO efforts to end the bloody conflict in Bosnia in 1995. Four years later, NATO and the US were also militarily involved in the Kosovo conflict, bombing Belgrade and other parts of Serbia.

Serbia and Bosnia both seek greater ties with the US and NATO, and both seek admission into the EU (with Serbia insisting it won’t enter NATO). Meanwhile, Turkey, Russia, Arab States (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait) plus China and Iran are all vying for economic, military, and security dominance throughout the Balkans, including Serbia and Bosnia.

This Dialogue looks at the Balkans in a broader context – in terms of the collapse of one “union” (Yugoslavia) and the efforts to maintain and expand a greater union, the E.U., while also fending off (or inviting in) powerful forces well beyond the region.

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Upcoming Information Sessions for Summer 2024:

  • Monday, November 13th from 6pm-7pm in 310RP
  • Tuesday, November 14th from 7pm-8pm in 909 RP
  • Monday, November 27th from 6pm-7pm in 310RP
  • Wednesday, November 29th from 7pm-8pm in 310RP
Sarajevo, Bosnia: 1984 Olympics Bobsled Site
Mostar, Bosnia: UNESCO World Heritage Site
Srebrenica, Bosnia: Genocide Memorial