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The PlusOne accelerated master’s program allows you begin master’s study while you are completing your bachelor’s degree, applying up to 16 graduate credits toward both degrees. You will gain early access to advanced courses, have the opportunity to take an additional co-op, and decrease the time to receive your master’s by as much as one year.

PlusOne Programs in CSSH

Who is the PlusOne for?

All Master’s programs in CSSH, and many in other colleges, are open to qualified Northeastern Undergraduates.  Consult the pages below for specific program requirements.

See an example of a CSSH student’s PlusOne pathway here.

When can I apply?

Speak with your academic advisor as soon as soon as you think you might be interested in pursuing a PlusOne, and before the end of your third year of studies.

How do I apply?

  1. Meet with your undergraduate academic advisor to confirm your eligibility.
  2. If the advisor determines that you are eligible, contact the master’s program administrator in your program of interest for an appointment to discuss your application and plan of study.
  3. Follow up with your undergraduate academic advisor to submit the PlusOne Application.
  4. To learn the status of a PlusOne application, contact the Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities Admissions Office.

Ready to apply?

Contact your undergraduate academic advisor and apply today!