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PlusOne Accelerated Master’s Program

PlusOne Program Economics (BS/MS)


The combined Bachelor’s/Master’s program in Economics provides the opportunity for the best of Northeastern’s undergraduate economics majors to complete both the undergraduate degree program (B.S. or B.A.) and the professional master’s program (M.S.) in economics in less time than if the programs were completed sequentially.

Students not enrolled in this program earning a bachelor’s and then a master’s degree from NU would need to earn a total of 160 semester hours (128 SH for the B.A. or B.S. and 32 SH for the M.S.). However, in the combined program students take 16 semester hours of graduate core courses in their senior undergraduate year that count towards both degrees, thereby reducing the total number of semester hours required for the two degrees to 144.


Undergraduate students may apply to the program as early as the end of their sophomore year or the beginning of their junior year, contingent upon having completed the following core courses in the undergraduate economics major:

Fall/Spring/Summer 1 & 2 ECON 2315 Macroeconomic Theory
Fall/Spring/Summer 1 & 2 ECON 2316 Microeconomic Theory
Fall/Spring/Summer 1 & 2 ECON 2350 Statistics
Fall/Spring/Summer 1 & 2 ECON 2560 Applied Econometrics


For questions about the admissions process, please visit https://cssh.northeastern.edu/graduate/programs/plusone-programs

In the economics major and, under normal circumstances, no grades below a B+ in the core courses (noted above).

The Program

Upon admission, students are required to complete the four master’s core courses during their senior year, which must include both the fall and spring terms in the same academic year.

Spring ECON 5120 Macroeconomic Theory
Fall ECON 5110 Microeconomic Theory
Fall ECON 5105 Math & Stats
Spring ECON 5140 Applied Econometrics


Two of these courses may be counted as advanced economics electives toward the B.A. degree requirements and three of these courses may be counted as advanced economics electives toward the B.S. degree requirements. The remaining master’s core course(s) will count as a free elective(s) in the undergraduate program. (Some may be taken as overloads to a student’s regular four-course undergraduate load, but overload charges will apply.) Once the undergraduate degree requirements have been met, including the attainment of at least 128 semester hours, the undergraduate degree will be awarded and students will no longer be considered as undergraduate students. They will transition to graduate student status. Students are then required to complete an additional 16 semester hours of graduate coursework (electives) to finish the program and earn the Master’s degree. Students completing an undergraduate combined major in economics must complete all four of the M.S. electives with graduate courses in the Economics Department. Under the circumstance that a schedule conflict prevents a student from taking some of these four core graduate courses during her/his senior year, up to two of these four courses may be substituted using the graduate elective courses, with approval from Graduate Program Director Professor Jun Ma. Note that no substitution is permitted for ECON 5105 since it is offered in both the fall and spring semesters.

If a student decides not to complete the graduate portion of the program all the requirements of the undergraduate degree must be completed in order to receive the B.S. or B.A. degree. Additionally, the graduate courses used to earn the undergraduate degree cannot be used at a later date toward a graduate degree at Northeastern.

Economics graduates are allowed to take two courses (with approval from Graduate Program Director Professor Jun Ma) outside of Economics that will count toward their MS degree. For questions please contact: Professor Gregory Wassall at g.wassall@northeastern.edu or 617.373.2196

Department Contacts

Gregory Wassall, Associate Professor
306 Lake Hall

Jun Ma, Associate Professor and MA Graduate Program Director
324 Lake Hall