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Join for Summer and Fall 2020!

CSSH Circle is a community within the college for incoming international students to meet other new students along with continuing students. This summer a new program is being launched and you are invited to apply to be an inaugural student leader.

Grow Your Guanxi!

Peer Connections: You will be teamed up with 1 or 2 incoming CSSH international students from China. During July and August you will connect virtually using social media and email to exchange culture and language. It will be a time to share your experience at Northeastern, College of Social Sciences of Humanities, Boston and more.

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Expectations as a Peer Connections Mentor

  • Be teamed with 1 or 2 incoming international students from China
  • Be able to dedicate about 1 hour per week during the rest of August and into the fall
  • Be engaged in weekly learning and discussion through WeChat, other social media and / or Canvas
  • Produce a deliverable such as an online journal, blog or video
  • Bring enthusiasm, questions and ideas

Benefits – By participating you will be able to achieve the following

  • Exchange culture, language and ideas with your team
  • Learn more about Chinese culture and language
  • Experience immersion without the need for traveling
  • Provide insights about how to be even more successful while studying at an American university
  • Understand different worldviews and perspectives by interacting with native Chinese speakers through social media such as WeChat
  • Share how to get involved socially at Northeastern
  • Form new friendships with fellow Northeastern students
  • Earn a Certificate of Appreciation and token of appreciation
  • Enhance SAIL: Global Mindset

Time Frame: August through December – consistent contact with your team throughout the semester with the minimum being at least once a week.

Application (plan to spend about 10 minutes)

Questions? Email Justin Repici, Academic Advisor and Program Coordinator, 

Apply to be a Peer Connections Mentor Summer + Fall 2020

Peer Connections Application