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Our events have featured expert panels, research seminars, and symposiums on topics like bias, victimization, immigration, race relations, political solidarity, and more.

This Faculty Research Seminar featured Dr. Amy Farrell and Dr. Dr. Carlos Cuevas, Co-Directors of the Violence and Justice Research Lab at Northeastern University. Held on 10/30/2019.

This event was the third annual Schulman Lecture. The lecture featured Dr. Nancy Rodriguez, Professor in the Department of Criminology, Law and Society at the University of California Irvine. Held on 3/12/2019.

This Faculty Research Seminar featured Dr. Adam Hosein, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Northeastern University. Held on 2/13/2019.

As a candidate, Donald Trump announced his plan to create a ‘complete and total shutdown on the entry of Muslims into the United States’, and as President he signed into law the ‘travel ban’. This event discussed the arguments in Trump v. Hawaii and elsewhere about whether the ban is consistent with respect for equality and whether it is essential to national security.

Over the last decade, the feeling among Americans is that race relations have progressively worsened. From riots following the killing of unarmed black men to white nationalists marching to protest the growing racial diversity in the United States, the majority of Americans fear the nation is reaching a tipping point. Either we address the race question head on or we risk the collapse of our democracy.

In this talk, Dr. Theodore R. Johnson proposes that the most effective approach to overcoming the effects of racism is the establishment of a national solidarity among the American people. This solidarity is centered on notions of civil religion and is the means to ensure our liberal democracy endures. Moreover, Johnson argues that the model for national solidarity is the political solidarity found within black America.

Racism is an existential threat to the United States and the American idea. Solidarity is required to ensure the American experiment succeeds.

Dr. Theodore R. Johnson is a public policy scholar and military veteran. He writes and speaks on issues of social justice, race, and politics, as well as cybersecurity and national security. He holds a Doctorate of Law and Policy from Northeastern, where his research focused on African American political and voting behavior and he was awarded the Dean’s Medal for Outstanding Doctoral Work.

Held on 12/4/2018.

This community forum discussed risk factors facing youth who may become involved in gang activity or who are vulnerable to commercial sexual exploitation. Speakers included Audrey Morrissey, Associate Director at My Life My Choice, and Leroy Peeples, founder of PIM Project. Held on 10/9/2018.