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The Center on Crime, Race, and Justice is comprised of five labs that represent distinct but interconnected areas of research. A dynamic lab model allows CRJ to be flexible in focus as faculty research areas develop and grow. Each lab is led by a faculty director who oversees projects, students, and partnerships associated with each stream of research. 

The Corrections and Reentry Lab partners with national nonprofit organizations and state and local justice agencies in the areas of institutional and community corrections on collaborative research intended to ameliorate the deleterious effects of correctional system contact on individuals, their families, and broader communities. 

The Crime Prevention Lab partners with local agencies and governments to improve community safety and resilience through rigorous research and evaluation.

NU-PEL is an interdisciplinary lab comprised of faculty and student teams conducting evaluation research on what is/is not successful in various community programs that leads to healthier communities and enhances the lives of those living within them.

The Race and Justice Lab utilizes strategic social science research methodologies to assist government agencies, educational institutions, and community stakeholders in the development of policy changes to advance racial justice. 

The Violence and Justice Research Lab (VJRL) supports and promotes research in the areas of violence and victimization, its impact and consequences, and the role of the justice system in addressing these issues.


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