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While our projects are all interdisciplinary in nature, they tend to focus on race and justice issues within two main topical areas: criminal justice and education. We turn to sounding boards, like the Community Advisory Board, who can provide feedback and ideas to strengthen these projects.

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Featured Project

Child Trafficking Data Collection and Improvement Project

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Our Approach

Many of IRJ’s research projects include community members and practitioners, including community stakeholders, police departments, legislators, teachers, school administrators, and students. These groups are often involved in providing feedback and strengthening the quality of our research. We are also beginning to branch out to other topics, such as immigration and environmental justice. We use the Innovative Research Model to support our work.

More About Us


The Institute on Race and Justice developed a fellowship program to support faculty and graduate students who are actively involved in research around the issues of race and justice. IRJ selects research proposals representing a wide range of disciplines and activities for fellowship funding.

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