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The Paterson, NJ Coalition for Opioid Assessment and Response: Problem Analysis and Program Evaluation

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Project Summary:

The Paterson, NJ Coalition for Opioid Assessment and Response (COAR) is a multi-disciplinary group dedicated to collecting and analyzing data related to the opioid epidemic. The goal of COAR is to conduct in-depth data analysis for the purpose of informing community stakeholders about the overdose crisis, identifying opportunities for overdose prevention efforts, and evaluating the effect of overdose prevention interventions. These objectives are pursued through an action research framework through which researchers and practitioners jointly contribute to problem identification, strategy development, and strategy implementation. The research team works directly with Paterson COAR data analysts to identify various sources of data relevant to the opioid crisis, design data collection protocols, and build/maintain statistical databases for the various project research efforts.

Project Description:

These ongoing data efforts support all phases of the COAR project. Phase 1 involves a series of problem analyses to identify micro-places experiencing disproportionate overdose levels, temporal clusters of overdose events, repeat utilizers of emergency overdose response services, and shortfalls in the standard process of overdose abuse outreach and treatment efforts. Phase 2 involves the design and implementation of data-informed overdose prevention interventions. Phase 3 involves the empirical evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of the overdose prevention interventions.

Bureau of Justice Assistance and Institute for Intergovernmental Research

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