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Involvement in a student organization is a great way to broaden your college experience by meeting new people, enhancing leadership skills, and building your resume. Browse through the list and explore all The Department of Cultures, Societies, and Global Studies has to offer.

Northeastern University’s Arabic Language Association is an educational community and resource for students learning Arabic or who speak Arabic. Click here for their website.

The Asian American Center at Northeastern is a truly unique space on campus. We are a resource for the Northeastern community to provide space and to support the experiences of our Asian American students. Our three-story brownstone building on Hemenway Street is a gathering place for many students – we host numerous events over the course of the semester as well as provide space for students to host student organization events, study, or just hang out! Click here for their website.


Northeastern University’s Barkada began as a small group of Filipino/Filipino-American students who aspired to have their culture recognized at the university. They wanted to have an organization that united people who embrace Filipino culture and wish to spread it through cultural, educational, and social activities. With hard work, dedication, and the aid of their club advisor Dean Perkins, Barkada became an official NU organization on January 26, 1998. Throughout its years as an established student organization, NU Barkada has grown to become a bigger family than its founders had ever imagined. However, the organization still holds true to the guidelines and values set forth by its founders, and continues to build upon their strong foundation. “Barkada” is a word from the one of the main Filipino languages, Tagalog, which means “group of friends.” We embrace each and every one of our members as not only friends, but family, as well.

Find their various media below:

The Brazilian Student Association (BRASA) was created in 2014 as the result of the actions of a group of Brazilian students studying in various American universities. This not-for-profit organization is dedicated to Brazil’s development through the creation of platforms between our home country and students abroad. At its core, BRASA has proactivity, excellency, meritocracy, and commitment to Brazil.

BRASA is currently present in over 48 universities in the United States, Canada, France, and the UK, and already has more than 900 members. Click here for their facebook page.


大家欢迎!Our club uses film to help achieve cross-cultural understanding. We discuss the background of the films we watch to put them into cultural and historic context and provide learning materials to help everyone learn some Chinese. Click here for their facebook.


In 2012, a group of Northeastern freshmen was puzzled about why there were no student organizations for Chinese Americans. Chinese Americans were among the largest Asian American populations on campus, but there was no representation. They took the initiative to create the Chinese Student Association, which would spread awareness of the rich Chinese and Chinese American culture. Click here for their website.



As a representative of all the Chinese students and scholars of Northeastern University, Northeastern University Chinese Students and Scholars Association, often referred to as NUCSSA, has an obligation of uniting and helping Chinese students and scholars who will study or are studying in Northeastern University, and our Chinese alumni, and promote the culture communications between the Chinese community and other culture groups. Click here for their facebook.


NUCALLS is a student-run organization that provides student-taught language classes to the Northeastern community. Our classes are entirely free and low-commitment. Additionally, we host cultural events and activities throughout the semester. Click here for their website.


The Interpreting Club at Northeastern University (ICNU) encourages ASL/Interpreting students to connect and form relationships in order to learn about the interpreting profession, hone their skills, and grow as interpreters. Weekly meetings allow students to participate in workshops, attend guest lectures, and socialize with fellow students as well as members of the Deaf and interpreting communities. In addition, ICNU hosts events in which ASL/Interpreting students of diverse backgrounds can come together to support and inspire one another. Click here for their website.


The NUIS’s goal is to create a solid, collaborative, and a worldwide network between past, present, and future Northeastern Alumni. Click here for their website.



The purpose of this organization is to inspire students to learn about and spread awareness of the Italian language and culture. It is an effort to bring together a community of students who share a passion for the various cultural aspects upon which Italians pride themselves, such as the language, art, food, and its rich history. Members will generate a like-minded, enjoyable environment where they can share in learning all the Italian culture has to offer. We hope you will join us! Click here for their website.


We are a student organization dedicated to learning and experiencing the many aspects of Japanese culture, ranging from fashion to food. We are a very close-knit organization, sometimes going on “unofficial” field trips to places like Porter Square for food. If you take the time to know us, you’ll discover we’re quite lax concerning formalities. If you’re interested in any aspect of Japanese culture, or just want to hang out for lunch, we hope that you can join us. Click here for their website.


The John D. O’Bryant African-American Institute has always been “committed to intellectually, culturally, and socially inspiring students toward excellence, success, and service [and to] engaging the broader university community, the surrounding urban community, and the world for balanced student and leadership development.” Click here for their website.


The Latin American Student Organization is a sociocultural based student organization established in 1988 at Northeastern University. Click here for their website.


The Latino Center at Northeastern University is more than a resource center for our students; it is a home away from home. The LSCC empowers Latino/a leaders of tomorrow in an increasingly global environment through their academic, personal, and professional development. The Center promotes interactions between NU students from diverse backgrounds to enhance their academic, cultural, and social experiences. Click here for their website.


The primary purpose of MSA is to establish a close-knit community for Malaysians and other students through informative and social activities. MSA wishes to showcase their country’s rich heritage so that people can appreciate and embrace what Malaysia has to offer. MSA also provides a platform for Malaysian students to feel at home, acclimatize, and connect with one another while fostering friendship with students who are interested in Malaysian culture. Click here for their website.


The Northeastern University African Student Organization (NASO) is primarily a home far away from home for African students. The organization also invites other people interested in African culture, networking, and many more. Through programs such as our annual African Night and our weekly meetings; NASO continues to expose Northeastern University and the rest of Boston to different aspects of the African culture that are often left out of the camera lenses, newspapers, and magazines. Click here for their website.


The Northeastern Black Student Association serves as a medium between black students at large and officials of higher authority at Northeastern University. NBSA seeks to establish a dominant presence both on campus and in the surrounding community as an organization focused on the political, historical, and sociocultural well-being of Black students. Click here for their website.


The primary purpose of this club is to create a network of students and faculty at Northeastern University who share an interest in the language, history, and cultures of Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Our goal is to make a positive impact on the Northeastern community by engaging Club members in events, actions, and debates both on campus and outside. The Club will create opportunities for intellectual discourse and meaningful action through our network of professors and external speakers, participation in community-related events organized by the Club, and through interaction with other Northeastern clubs and organizations. Click here for their website.


The establishment of SASO comes as a testament to our collective potential as Saudis at Northeastern to play a more significant role in the promotion of our values, unique culture, and professional aspirations to the Northeastern community and to the US at large. Click here for their website.


Somali Student Association (SSA)’s goal is to serve Northeastern University’s Somali students and those in the NU community that are interested in Somalia. SSA is also formed with the intention of bringing to light Somalia’s culture and ethnicity to the campus-wide audience and raising awareness about Somalia’s culture, politics, religion, and general history. Click here for their website.


The VSU is a multi-purpose organization focused on four areas of interest: Support for Venezuelan affairs, promotion of the Venezuelan culture, integration of the Venezuelan community, and Entrepreneurship for Venezuelan development. It is an international/cultural organization whose main goal is to serve as a connection between Northeastern University, and the true Venezuelan idiosyncrasy. Click here for their facebook.