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Classroom Activities Funding

Faculty may apply for up to $400/year for classroom enrichment activities and events such as visits by speakers, field trips, etc. Activities should have a close relationship to the material of the class. When possible, please make applications within the first three weeks of the semester. Money is allocated as available, and early applications will ensure both that your event receives funding and that we will be able to budget properly for other events. Fundable activities and items: • Honoraria for outside speakers • Transportation to archives, museums, performances, or other relevant activities • Admission fees or tickets for same • Materials (e.g., dvds) for a particular classroom activity • Web-associated costs • Limited food associated with events Non-fundable activities and items: • Travel for speakers • Food-only requests • Publicity • Textbooks • Honoraria for internal (NU) speakers

  • (A copy of the form will be emailed for your records.)
  • Numerals only