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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact the department main office for assistance.

Online Forms

Please use this form to send updates for your CSSH faculty profile or to submit a request for a new profile.

Please use this form to create or extend jobs managed through the English department cost center. This form may also be used to notify the department of any English department graduate students who are being hired for positions, paid for via other cost centers.

Please use this form to tell us about your recent accomplishments, such as publications, grant awards, fellowships, etc.

Please use this form to submit any announcements for the department meetings, or for the department newsletter.

Please use this form to submit your ENGL course preferences for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Please use this form to submit your Writing Program course preferences for Fall 2023. Once received, department admins will follow up with next steps.


Please use this form to submit your course descriptions for graduate and undergraduate ENGL courses. These descriptions will be displayed on our website when courses are posted on the web.

Faculty can use the online Faculty Grade Change Form when the primary instructor of the course needs to change the final grade for a student on their roster.

When submitting missing grades after the deadline for the current or past terms, the Faculty Grade Entry page should be used.

Before you get started, you will need the student’s NUID, the course information, and the updated final grade. The student’s NUID can be found on the Faculty Grade Entry page as well as the Summary Class List on Banner Self-Service (SSB).

Log into the Employee Hub (, go to Resources, select Academic Resources & Services, select Faculty Grade Change Form.

Grade changes over one year will be routed to the Dean’s Office for approval. Confirmation emails will be sent to the instructor and student once the grade has been processed.

The main page will display all submitted grade changes and the status.

• Approved – pending processing.
• Processed – change has made it to banner.
• Faculty Submitted – routed to dean’s office for approval.

Please use this form to propose an event. The Faculty Events Guide provides information on filling out the form and sponsoring an event.

Quick Links

Click here for Northeastern’s dedicated webpage for coronavirus updates.

Sharepoint – Access department calendars and shared documents, including electronic letterhead and committee documents. If you have any difficulty accessing this page or shared files, please contact the Main Office for assistance, 617.373.4540.

NU ADVANCE offers resources for faculty recruitment, mentoring, and retention.

The Provost Office’s website contains faculty resources related to hiring, support for students’ mental health, tenure and promotion, and more.

Please click here for FAQs about classroom issues, parking, grading, departmental technology, and more.

Have a question for department staff, but not sure who to direct the inquiry to? Consider consulting our Office Staff Responsibilities infographic and our Resources infographic for interactive tips on popular support areas.