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Arts and Humanities Social Action Lab

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09/01/21 - BOSTON, MA - Family members help move students into International Village for the start of the Fall semester. Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

The Arts & Humanities Social Action Lab at Northeastern promotes generative collaborations between grassroots community organizers and university-based arts and humanities scholar-activists, in the pursuit of new knowledge and praxis for social justice.

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A project to digitally map grassroots activist spaces and movement-building organizations across in the vicinity of Northeastern University’s campuses in Boston, Oakland, and London

Anchored by the Black Radical Traditions, the Movement University bridges the divide separating intellectual workers in grassroots social justice organizations and scholar-activists in academia through co-taught online courses and collaborations.

A place-based project in Central Square, Cambridge, rooted in collaboration with community members, to architecturally repair and reinvigorate a historically Black meeting house in service of arts for social justice.

A collaboration between Profs. Grisha Coleman and Kris Manjapra, we bring together an interdisciplinary group of scholars working in fields of somatics, legal studies, and the humanities, along with a group of Boston- and Cambridge-based community activists to inquire into the methods of somatic justice — justice rooted in the bodily intelligence of grassroots struggle — and then to discuss ways of documenting and communicating these methods more broadly.

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