National Bioethics Bowl

April 3-4, 2020 | Northeastern University




We are very sorry to report that the National Bioethics Bowl has now been cancelled.  In response to the COVID-19 situation, Northeastern University is cancelling all “non-essential large gatherings.” 

The National Bioethics Bowl is an annual tournament which brings teams from colleges and universities around the country to discuss ethical challenges in biomedicine and technology.

Undergraduate teams receive the case packet several months before the competition.  The case packet features 15 cases (each with 3 questions about the philosophical aspects of the case).  Teams prepare arguments to support their responses to the questions and to respond to potential objections.  At the competition, two cases are selected at random each round and presenting teams must give a response to the chosen question within 10 minutes.  Opposing teams present a rebuttal.  Then, judges ask the presenting team questions, to which the presenting team responds. Here are the rules for the competition.

Location: Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Registration: Register your team here. 

Cases: 2020 Bioethics Bowl Cases

Tournament Schedule:

More information to come.

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