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Value Sensitive Design @ Khoury

Through this program, students gain experience in research at the intersection of ethics of computer science, meet peers with similar interests, build relationships with faculty working in ethics of computer science, and receive monetary awards to both fund their research and receive an all-expenses-paid trip to TAPIA or GHC.

To encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, selected students come from various departments, colleges, majors, and minors.

2022-2023 Participants

Name: Shriya Dhaundiyal

Class Year:  Completed Align program in Spring 2022

Degree: Masters in CS

What you hope to learn/ do in the program: As a budding software developer, I wish to gain a better understanding of how bias permeates through existing and novel algorithmic designs and is used to deanonymize, target, or even exclude certain groups of society, threatening their privacy, security, and rights. I hope to delve deeper into the societal impact of technology and improve my ability to better identify computer science’s potential to perpetuate social injustices. I aspire to come up with solutions and better protocols for awareness and defense systems that can help mitigate these major privacy concerns.


Name: Lauryn Fluellen

Class year: 2024

Degree: Master of Computer Science

What you hope to learn/do in the program: I hope to gain research experience, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and directly contribute to research on the topic of ethics in computer science, specifically in artificial intelligence. I am very passionate about this topic and hope to increase awareness of the ethical issues present and the possible ethical issues that may arise as our technology continues to advance.


Name: Emerson Johnston (she/her)

Class Year: 2023

Degree: BS Philosophy, Politics, and Economics; BA History, Culture, and Law; Minors: Criminal Justice and Argumentation

What you hope to learn/do in the program: I’m excited to learn more about the intersection of artificial intelligence and ethics as it relates to international weapons development and policy making.


Name: Amanda Lee

Class Year: Undergrad 2025

Degree: Computer Science and Design combined major

What you hope to learn/do in the program: I hope to gain more perspectives on the connections between computer science and ethics to be able to make a difference in marginalized communities.

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