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Director, MS in Urban Planning and Policy & MA in International Affairs; Professor of Public Policy & Architecture

College of Social Sciences and Humanities & College of Arts, Media and Design

Gavin Shatkin’s research focuses on globalization, social equity, and sustainability in the rapidly urbanizing societies of Asia. His recent research includes a National Science Foundation funded project investigating the impacts of climate change-induced flooding in Southeast Asian metropolises on political debates about urban planning and policy and debates about property rights and infrastructure-induced displacement. He has previously conducted research on urban megaprojects, on planning for mega-urban regions, and on the role of community organizing and collective action in urban community development in Asian cities. His most recent book is Cities for Profit: The Real Estate Turn in Asia’s Urban Politics (Cornell, 2017). Professor Shatkin has a joint appointment in the School of Public Policy & Urban Affairs (75%) and the School of Architecture (25%).

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  • Shatkin, G. 2017. Cities for Profit: The Real Estate Turn in Asia’s Urban Politics. Ithaca: Cornell University Press. (Honorable Mention, 2018 Best Book in Urban Affairs Award).
  • Shatkin, G. Ed.  2013. Contesting the Indian City: Global Visions and the Politics of the Local. Oxford: Wiley Blackwell.
  • Shatkin, G. 2007. Collective Action and Urban Poverty Alleviation: Community Organizations and the Struggle for Shelter in Manila. Aldershot: Ashgate. (Reissued in 2016 by Routledge: London).

Selected recent peer-reviewed journal articles

  • Shatkin, G. 2022. “Megaurban Politics: Analyzing Infrastructure Driven Extended Urbanization through the National State Lens,” Environment and Planning A.
  • Shatkin, G., T. Braswell, and M. Martinus. 2022. “Mapping and the Politics of Informality in Jakarta,” Urban Geography.
  • Shatkin, G. 2022. “Financial Sector Actors and Megaurban Regional Expansion in Greater Jakarta,” Land Use Policy, 112.
  • Shatkin, G. and V. Soemarwi. 2021. “Risk and the Dialectic of State Informality: Property Rights in Flood Prone Jakarta,” Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 111(4), 1183-1199.
  • Mouton, M. and G. Shatkin. 2020. “Strategizing the For-Profit City: The Relational Role of Developers in Mega Manila,” Environment and Planning A, 52 (2), 403-422.
  • Shatkin, G. 2019. “Futures of Crisis, Futures of Urban Political Theory: Flooding in Asian Coastal Megacities,” International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 43(2), 207-226.
  • Shatkin, G. 2019. “The Planning of Asia’s Mega-Conurbations: Contradiction and Contestation in Asia’s Extended Urban Regions,” International Planning Studies 24:1, 68-80.

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    PhD in Urban Planning and Policy, Rutgers

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Gavin’s Colleagues

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Associate Professor of Political Science

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