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Assistant Professor of Economics

Ivan Petkov’s research interests focus on macroeconomics, finance, monetary economics, banking, and economic growth. In his dissertation he studied whether the allocation of bank credit to small businesses at distinct branches responds to liquidity increases or rise in asset prices. In a separate stream of research he also examined whether differences in cultural and institutional endowments of ancestries in U.S. counties affect economic performance. He has also studied the process of cultural assimilation of immigrants in the U.S.

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Selected Publications


F. Giavazzi, I. Petkov, F. Schiantarelli, “Culture: Persistence and Evolution”, Journal of Economic Growth, vol 24(2), 2019, pp.117-154.

Fulford, S.L., Petkov, I. & Schiantarelli, F. “Does it matter where you came from? Ancestry composition and economic performance of US counties, 1850–2010″Journal of Economic Growth, vol 25, 2020, pp. 341–380.

Petkov, Public Investment in Hazard Mitigation: Effectiveness and the Role of Community Diversity“, forthcoming in Economics of Disasters and Climate Change

Petkov, “Small Business Lending and the Bank Branch Network,”, forthcoming, Journal of Financial Stability

Petkov, “Weather Shocks, Population, and Housing Prices: the Role of Expectation Revisions“, Economics of Disasters and Climate Change, Volume 6, Issue 2, July 2022

Working Papers


Petkov, “Employment Opportunities and Migration in the US: the Role of Ethnic Similarity”


Petkov, The Economic Impact of Hurricanes in the US: Does Local Finance Matter?


Fulford, I. Petkov, and F. Schiantarelli: “Ancestry Diversity and Local Public Spending in the US since 1870”



Work in Progress


Ma, J and Petkov, “Bank Competition and Idiosyncratic Volatility of Profits”

Petkov, “Competition vs Cooperation in Local Growth”

Petkov, “Cultural Determinants of Risk Perception in Disaster Recovery”

Petkov, “Hurricane Vulnerability and Bank Profitability”, 2022

Petkov, “Social Connectedness and Ethnic Similarity”, 2022

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    PhD 2016, Economics, Boston College

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    315 Lake Hall,
    360 Huntington Avenue,
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