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Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology and International Affairs

Jelena Golubović is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology and International Affairs. She specializes in the anthropology of violence and the civilian experience of war and its aftermath. She holds a PhD in Anthropology and a BA in International Studies from Simon Fraser University, and an MA in Sociology from York University. Before joining Northeastern, she was a Banting Postdoctoral Fellow at The Fletcher School of Global Affairs at Tufts University. Her work has been published in Journal of Refugee Studies, Ethnicities, Anthropological Quarterly, and American Ethnologist. Her first book, Zones of Violence: Impure Victims inside the Siege of Sarajevo, is under contract with The University of Pennsylvania Press.


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Early Career Researcher Prize, Journal of Refugee Studies, 2023;Article Prize, Canadian Historical Association, CCMET, 2022;Postgraduate Article Prize, BASEES, 2022;Best Article Award, International Studies Association, ENMISA, 2022;Best Article Award, International Studies Association, ENMISA, 2021;Outstanding Published Article Award, American Sociological Association, AMSS, 2021;Article Prize, BASEES Women’s Forum, 2021;Dean of Graduate Studies Convocation Medal, Simon Fraser University, 2021;Outstanding Published Article Award, American Sociological Association, AMSS, 2021;Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2021–2023;SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (declined), 2021–2023;International Policy Ideas Challenge, Global Affairs Canada, 2020;Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Doctoral Scholarship, 2015–2018;Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship, 2013–2014

Golubović, Jelena, Kathleen Inglis, and Cheyanne Connell. 2022. “Gendered Disruptions in Academic Publishing during COVID-19: Uncovering Invisible Labor at an Anthropology Journal.” American Ethnologist 49(4): 595–609.

Golubović, Jelena. 2022. “Beyond Agency as Good: Complicity and Displacement after the Siege of Sarajevo.” Journal of Refugee Studies 35(3): 1344­–1363.

Golubović, Jelena. 2020. “‘To Me, You Are Not a Serb’: Ethnicity, Ambiguity, and Anxiety in Post-War Sarajevo.” Ethnicities 20(3): 544–563.

Golubović, Jelena. 2019. “‘One Day I Will Tell This to My Daughter’: Serb Women, Silence, and the Politics of Victimhood in Sarajevo.” Anthropological Quarterly 92(4): 1173–1199.

Dossa, Parin, and Jelena Golubović. 2018. “Community-Based Ethnography.” In International Encyclopedia of Anthropology, edited by Hilary Callan, 1040–1046. John Wiley & Sons.


Course catalog
  • Anthropology of Eastern Europe

    ANTH 4210

    Explores the societies, cultures, and politics of Eastern Europe, focusing on social upheaval and cultural change after the fall of state socialism. Examines themes including capitalist transition, European integration, ethnic and religious conflict, nation-building, and state contestation, maintaining a focus on the everyday realities of Eastern Europeans. Covers key theoretical debates about East-West geopolitical polarity, drawing on decolonial and postcolonial perspectives to challenge representations of Eastern Europe as transitional, peripheral, or backwards.

  • Peoples and Cultures

    ANTH 1101

    Surveys basic concepts in cultural anthropology by looking at a range of societies and the issues they face in a globalizing world. Examines the manner in which cultures adapt to, reject, or modify all of the changes they face. These changes impact everything from traditional family structure, to religion, gender, all the way to patterns of joking and concepts of beauty the world over.