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Headshot of Megan Denver

Assistant Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Megan Denver’s research interests include criminal record stigma, employment and recidivism, credentialing decisions for people with criminal records, and desistance. She uses a variety of methods to address her research questions and integrates criminological theory with policy. Denver was a 2016 National Institute of Justice Graduate Research Fellow and previously worked as a research associate at the Urban Institute.

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  • Outstanding Young Experimental Criminologist Award, 2019, American Society of Criminology, Division of Experimental Criminology.
  • University Distinguished Dissertation Award, 2018, University at Albany.

DeWitt, Samuel E., and Megan Denver. 2020. Criminal Records, Positive Employment Credentials and Race. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 57(3): 333-368.

Denver, Megan. 2020. Criminal Records, Positive Credentials and Recidivism: Incorporating Evidence of Rehabilitation into Criminal Background Check Employment Decisions. Crime & Delinquency 66(2): 194–218.

Denver, Megan, and Alec Ewald. 2018. Credentialing Decisions and Criminal Records: A Narrative Approach. Criminology 56(4): 715-749.

Denver, Megan, Justin T. Pickett, and Shawn D. Bushway. 2017. The Language of Stigmatization and the Mark of Violence: Experimental Evidence on the Social Construction and Use of Criminal Record StigmaCriminology 55(3): 664-90.

Denver, Megan, Garima Siwach, and Shawn D. Bushway. 2017. A New Look at the Employment and Recidivism Relationship through the Lens of a Criminal Background CheckCriminology 55(1): 174-204.

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