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Alumni, Corrie Hunkler, supports summer campers as Social Worker

Corrie Hunkler
Social worker now part of summer camp experience
posted by Mount Desert Islander on July 25, 2019 article written and photo by Sarah Hinckley on News

MOUNT DESERT — On Monday a young camper was hanging out in the “chill zone” at Camp Beech Cliff, taking a break from his schedule.

“It’s not a reward. It’s not a consequence. It just is,” Camp Director Matt Cornish said about the chill zone. “There’s definitely more campers that come to camp with more specific needs.”

The break was part of a plan the camper, who had been having a difficult morning, made with Camper Support Specialist Corrie Hunkler (Human Services Alum), a licensed social worker. Her position is a new and, according to the camp’s leadership, necessary addition to the camp’s staff this season.

“More and more there’s a rising number of young people who want to be able to have that camp experience but may not be able to cope very well with the environment of camp,” said Cornish.

Camp can be loud and high-energy, with transitions happening all the time.

“They might need a little bit extra to be able to have a feeling of success come the end of the session.”

For the last five years, Hunkler has worked as a social worker in the Moosabec Community School District and Cherryfield Elementary School, a school independent from the district. As she does in the schools, Hunkler provides support to camp children and staff with emotional, developmental and social issues that come up throughout the day.

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