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Climate Change: A Course for Everyone – Myra Kraft Open Classroom

Flyer entitled: Climate Change. A Course for Everyone. Red text on white background. Images description: Flooded city (tables and chairs in front of a large building), Post sign stating “The climate is changing so should we! #ActNow, Image of a blue and white iceberg.

This free and open course is intended to promote climate change education, resilience, and action.

Location: West Village F, Room 20 OR Live-streamed
Sponsored By: This event is sponsored in part by the Northeastern University Honors Program.
More Information:

Wednesdays: January 8 – April 8, 2020 

6 to 8 p.m.

West Village F, Room 20 OR Live-streamed

Free and Open to the Public

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This free and open course is intended to promote climate change education, resilience, and action. We will examine the basic science of climate change, its local and global impacts on the natural world, the built environment, and humankind, and strategies for preventing its worst outcomes while preparing for those we can no longer avoid. Our panels will include faculty experts, community practitioners, and youth leaders. Throughout the course, we will center the experiences of vulnerable communities already threatened by climate change and issues related to the ethical and equitable distribution of resources to address it. Additionally, we will:

  • use a systems lens to examine the complex and dynamic relationships between course topics.
  • identify opportunities to engage effectively in making a difference.
  • practice self-care as we confront this difficult topic.
  • invite participants to reflect and share their learning through our social media platforms.

Open Classroom is available for credit.
 To register, select PPUA 5225 and PPUA 5226 (must register for both; listed as Open Classroom Recitation and Open Classroom).

Course Facilitators

Rebecca Riccio, Juffali Family Director, Social Impact Lab
Ted Landsmark, Director, Dukakis Center

These weekly events are open to all members of our campus and the community. For those that cannot join us in person, each week’s panel will be live-streamed. We use Facebook Live to share each week’s session, but you do not need to be a member of Facebook to watch. 

This event is sponsored in part by the Northeastern University Honors Program.

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