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Domestic Violence and Alcohol Awareness Month Programs

Flyer Entitled: The Office of Prevention & Education Presents: Alcohol awareness month Oct. 2017 and Domestic Violence awareness month. [alcohol awareness month events] 1) Fresh Check day: Oct 2nd 2-5 pm Freshmen Quad: Look for OPEN’s tables related to both domestic violence and alcohol awareness. 2) Bouve Health Fair: Oct 4th 9am-5pm, CSC: Stop by to say hello and learn more about what we offer at OPEN. 3) Red watch band training: Oct 9th 6-7:30 pm, 420 Behrakis: Learn how to identify and handle alcohol emergencies and reduce the risk of dangerous alcohol intoxication. Sign up online at: 4) Beer goggles to blackouts, munchies to memory problems: the science of alcohol & marijuana: Oct 17th 6-7 pm Raytheon Amphitheater: Dr. Jason Kilmer is nationally recognized speaker from the University of Washington. Dinner provided. [domestic violence awareness month events] 1) Volunteer opportunity: Oct 12th 6:15-7:15 pm, 106 St. Stephen St.: Volunteer to put together grounding/self care kits that will be available throughout the year to survivors of dv and sexual assault. Dinner provided. Email to RSVP. 2) DV and your rights: Oct 16th 6-7:30 pm CSC Ballroom: From restraining orders to relocation, a resources panel of experts will answer your questions. Dinner provided. 3) TED Talk and table: Oct 17th 12-1 pm, CIE: Join us for lunch, a TED talk and discussion. RSVP to Kyla Martin at 4) Queerly beloved: Oct 26th 6-7 pm, CSC: Dinner and discussion created for LGBTQA students about being queer, being in relationships, and how to take care of ourselves and each other. 5) Information Fair: Oct 31st 11am-1pm, Library Quad: Happy Halloween! Stop by for goodies, giveaways and information related to both domestic violence and alcohol awareness months. General description: All month- look for OPEN around campus! Interested in a presentation on alcohol or other drugs? Bystander intervention? Domestic violence awareness? Email us at For a full listing of events go to Follow us on Twitter @OPENortheastern. Image description: Red blocking for alcohol awareness month events, purple blocking for domestic violence awareness month.

Programming for Domestic Violence and Alcohol Awareness month

The Office of Prevention and Education presents Domestic Violence Awareness and Alcohol Awareness Month. Events include a panel discussion on rights and resources related to domestic violence, a speaker on the science of alcohol and marijuana, and various information/training sessions on issues related to domestic violence and alcohol awareness.

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