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🇧🇦🇭🇷Today we will get an insight into the Dialogue of Civilizations “Ethnic Identity and Conflict in Bosnia and Croatia”. Tune into our story today to learn more about this DOC and what students are up to!🇭🇷🇧🇦

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✈️ Isabelle (she/her) and Hayden (he/him) are both rising 4th years. Isabelle studies Human Services and Criminal Justice Major with a minor in Law and Public Policy, while Hayden is a Business Administration Major specializing in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship with minors in Human Services and Writing. Their DOC program studies cross-cultural psychology and the study of ethnic conflict in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina due to their recency of conflicts in the 1990s and reconciliation efforts. Isabelle and Hayden, along with 10 other students, are currently traveling across both countries to discover rich culture, beautiful scenery, deeply-rooted history, and meet amazing people with amazing stories all to gain a better knowledge of how to find the best ways of healing a post-war society and prevent atrocities.

The Dialogue of Civilizations “Ethnic Identity and Conflict in Bosnia and Croatia” is run by Human Services faculty Matt Lee.

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