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Global Mental Health

Global Mental Health Event
Flyer entitled Effective Altruism at Northeastern Presents: Global Mental Health - why it may be a priority and what to do about it. Headshots of Caitlin Walker and Michael Plant from the Happier Lives Institute. Flyer Description: “Michael will begin with an explanation of why mental health might be a priority and what we need to know to work out if it is. Caitlin will then discuss the scale, neglected ness and tractability of global mental health as a cause area, as well as what individuals can do to work on this problem.” Talk followed by Q & A. Event held November 17th from 10:00 am - 11:00 am EST. Zoom link provided upon registration

Effective Altruism at Northeastern is hosting a Global Mental Health event, at 10am (EST) on the 17th of November 2020. Students who are interested in public health, mental health, global health, philanthropy, and philosophy (of wellbeing/welfare especially) will be particularly well-suited to attend, although the event is open to all, so please do share it with students and other relevant parties. 

Michael Plant and Caitlin Walker are part of the Happier Lives Institute. The Happier Lives Institute aims to answer the following question: how can we most effectively use our resources to help people become happier? To address this, they combine data from people’s self-reported happiness and life satisfaction with insights from multiple academic disciplines.

November 17th 2020
10am (EST)
Students who would like to attend should register using this link: Any questions can be sent to 

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